Learning To Dance: Basic Etiquette For The Dance Studio As You Work To Become A Dancer

When you want to learn how to dance, there are a number of basic rules to follow before you even step foot on the dance floor. Whether you are trying to learn to dance with your partner for your wedding day, or you are simply trying to learn a new skill to get into shape, it's useful to know what is expected of all dancers when they enter the dance studio. From not wearing your street shoes on the dance floor to learning the right clothes to wear to practice, you can become a better dancer by learning the basic etiquette rules of the dance studio you are going to.

Know What to Wear to Dance Class

In order to be ready to learn how to dance, you must wear comfortable clothing that isn't too loose. You don't want your clothes to dangle and get in your way as you try to learn new moves. You shouldn't be wearing any jewelry, especially jewelry that is dangling or sharp in any way. Make sure that you change into your dance shoes before you enter the dance space to avoid getting any dirt from the outdoors on the dance floor. If you don't have dancing shoes, take off your street shoes and go barefoot.

Show Up on Time

Dance class requires that everyone arrives on time. If you are late to class, quietly go into the classroom without causing a disruption. Don't try to apologize to the dance teacher when you enter, as this will cause a further delay to dance teaching you are already disrupting. Plan to stay in class the entire time, as leaving early is also disruptive. If you must leave the room at any time, be quiet about it and return as quickly as possible.

Respect the Dance Space

Remember that you are at a dance studio to learn how to dance, and that it's important to respect the dance teacher at all times. Turn off your cell phone and put it away during the class. If you have a question, don't ask another dancer as this is going to be disruptive. Wait for the right time to ask the dance instructor your questions. It's also important to watch your language when you are in a dance class, pick up after yourself, and do not to turn on lights or lower the heat without asking first.

When you want to become a solid dancer, it is beneficial to learn how to enter and respect the dance studio first.