4 Ways to Bring Nature Indoors for Those Who Aren't Green-Thumbs

While you might appreciate nature, you know better than anyone not to bring innocent plants into your home. Far from thriving under your care, the inevitably die slow deaths. If you're tired of waking up to cascades of brown leaves and withered stems, you'll need to look elsewhere to bring the freshness of nature into your home. Hopefully, some of these ideas will help you stop the cycle of dying ferns and flowers. 

1. Fix it with Photography

One of the easiest ways to bring nature into your home is to live vicariously through that talents of other who capture nature in all its beauty. The key to having realistic photos substitute for actual plants in your home is to invest in high-quality, fine art photography that can be blown up to large sizes and printed in beautiful detail on canvas or another rich medium. You could even hire a designer to print a landscape of a forest or rolling green field as a mural for one of your entire walls. For best viewing, be sure to place these photos in rooms with bright light, and choose pictures with rich natural colors and stunning vistas.

2. Leave the Living

Instead, embrace the "dead" elements of nature. The best two for indoor use are rocks and water. Consider installing a small, indoor fountain that runs over natural stone. Even though water is not "alive" or growing, the moment brings the fresh beauty that people associate with nature, and it can have a calming effect on a space. If you're very ambitious, you could also bring sand into your house to serve as the floor of a sunroom or to squish your toes into while you work at your desk. 

3. Fish Are Friends

Take the movement of water even further by choosing to care for fish instead of houseplants. Fish can be as high or low maintenance as you desire, and you can even bring plants into the aquarium that are living, but thankfully require no soil, sun-to-shade ratios, or daily watering. The aquarium brings natural, flowing movement into a room. For the greatest effect, consider installing a built-in wall aquarium that can be seen from two rooms at once. For lowest maintenance, choose fresh-water fish that eat the same types of food. Saltwater tanks require greater maintenance.

4. Go with Grass

If you simply cannot give up the romantic idea of keeping plants in your home, you'll need to choose varieties that are nearly impossible to kill. The best types of plants for this task are grass plants. Many grasses are hardy and drought resistant, making them perfect for those who routinely forget that plants need water. Consider the following.

  • The cast iron plant. The cast iron plant has certainly earned its name, as it actually will start to die if you give it too much attention,. It doesn't need light from the window and can survive without being watered regularly.
  • The spider plant. Another grassy plant that you would be hard pressed to kill is this air-cleaning grass plant. It loves indirect sunlight, making it a great choice for almost any room in the house. As a bonus, it also removes formaldehyde from the air.
  • Bamboo. Bamboo is plant in the grass family. It doesn't need soil to grow, and can go long periods between watering. It also grows to be quite tall, making it a rewarding choice for an indoor plant.

It's hard to be a nature lover when you and nature don't always get along. However, with some alternative design elements, you can enjoy a space that is fresh and living, without feeling guilty that you routinely sentence plants to a path of ever-declining health.